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Wn70 Hameau au Pretre

Unfinished bunker site on cliffs above Omaha beach

Wn70 site overview

What to see

This small site on the hillside to the east of Vierville-sur-Mer was another of the Omaha-defending positions which featured a large gun casemate which was still under construction as Allied troops were landing on D-Day.
The build – a R612 gun casemate – was almost finished but not operational, however the site wasn’t lacking in firepower thanks to an emplacement for a Czech-made 8cm field cannon, an anti-aircraft gun in an open emplacement, two Tobruks for 8cm mortars, and machine gun positions linked by a web of trenches.
Today the site is used for agriculture and only two positions are visible – the open emplacements for the field gun and the Flak, although these are heavily overgrown and stand behind a fence on the edge of the cliffs.


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