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Wn67 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer

Clifftop site still under construction on D-Day

Wn67 site overview

What to see

A lot of firepower was planned for this position on the cliffs above the beach at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer but little of it was actually realised before the D-Day landings.
At the base of the cliffs – where the houses are now – two large casemates were under construction with a R677 facing east and a R612 built so its gun would be trained to the west along the wide sandy beach.
The site was supported by a series of defensive Tobruks on the top of the cliffs and there are two of these which are still visible today, although only when the agricultural fields they stand in have been harvested in late summer.
On the ridge above the beach, you can get up close to two Ic125 type Tobruks which housed captured French 81cm mortars which could rain down fire on the beach below. These are both in a poor state – heavily overgrown, partially filled with rubble and soil, and feature lots of damage to their structure.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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