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Wn63 Colleville-sur-Mer Bourg

HQ bunker and personnel shelter behind Omaha Beach

Wn63 site overview

What to see

Set back inland from the beachfront positions of Wn61 and Wn62, this small, gated doorway on the La Fontaine road from Colleville to the beach can easily be missed.
It is the entrance to a three room underground bunker which acted as the headquarters for the regiment who manned the area and had a communications link to the defensive, combat bunkers on the front line. The inside of the bunker is no longer accessible.

Nearby is the Eglise Notre Dame de Colleville-sur-Mer whose steeple can be seen from the beach and would have provided a landmark to head to for troops landing on Omaha. The steeple was badly damaged during the fighting in this area and you can see form the colour change on the stonework where the rebuild took place.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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