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Wn60 Colleville La Revolution

Clifftop trench system overlooking Omaha Beach

Wn60 site overview

What to see

Wn60 is a small Widerstandsnest on the bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach to the east of Colleville-sur-Mer.
Unlike the beachfront strongpoints further along which featured large gun casemates, this site featured two open emplacements for 75mm field guns.

The open emplacements are overgrown and below the ridgeline of the cliff top but work has begun in early 2023 to remove some of the vegatation below the cliff line and this has already exposed an aummnition storage bunker and the entrance to an unfinished tunnel system which would have linked the two open emplacements. Framed by a concrete doorway, the tunnel goes incredibly deep, but stops abruptly due to backfilled, or never dug soil and rock.

Linking a series of Tobruks and machine gun positions on top of the cliff was an extensive network of trenches. The trenches are still visible today, albeit not as deep as they originally were, but you can trace them along the edge of the cliff to the various positions, which also includes ammunition niches, and a position for a water tank which once stood next to a personnel shelter which has long since disappeared over the edge.

At the front of the complex, closest to the beach looking west, you can explore two Bf61a type Tobruks which feature central plinths where 5cm mortars were mounted in each – you can still see the mounting bolts fixed in the concrete in one of the bunkers.

Behind the mortar positions is a buried, single-room personnel bunker which also has an additional 1699 type Tobruk for a heavy machine gun and is linked by a 50m long zig-zagged trench to an east-facing 1699 machine gun Tobruk.

A ring of field combat positions, possibly of wooden construction, for soldiers with machine guns and grenades surrounded the site and some of the deeper areas of trench beyond the fence line can still be seen.

During the hot summers of 2021 and 2022 our drone was able to pick out the colour differences in the deeper trenches and dried out vegetation on the surface of the field - check out the gallery to see more.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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