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Wn57 Port-en-Bessin

Clifftop site with amazing views of the port

Wn57 site overview

What to see

A small Widerstandsnest on the cliffs to the west of Port-en-Bessin created to give covering fire over the breakwater and port area. The defensive building here was on two levels with construction started on a R612 casemate for a field gun and a completed Vf Skoda heavy machine gun bunker located half way up the cliffs.

At the top you can find and explore inside a well-built Fire Control Post with a separate personnel rooms and a small niche, linked to the observation post by a narrow tunnel. One of the rooms - which has an open doorway and window - tends to be flooded all year around.
From the observation embrasure at the front you can see a long distance out to sea and a commanding overview east to the port. The multi-room FCP is buried into the cliff and is supported to the rear by an open emplacement for an anti-aircraft gun.

Both these clifftop constructions can be found next to a fairway and tricky-looking green on the Omaha golf course so there are bunkers near bunkers here!

The site also has a memorial to the British 47 Royal Marine commandos who liberated Port-en-Bessin on June 6 and 7, 1944.

Port-en-Bessin was also the site where the PLUTO - PipeLine Under The Ocean - fuel lines from the south coast of England were landed and connected, bringing much-needed fuel to the Allied forces in Normandy.

The town was also one of the locations for filming the Hollywood movie The Longest Day and the port area doubled for the port of Ouistreham. The Ouistreham name can be seen painted onto the side of the building to the west of the small bridge over the entrance to the dock area, although it has been painted over a few times with the name Port-en-Bessin since.

Port-en-Bessin has some amazing seafood cafes but don't forget to check out the small beach to the right of the eastern jetty and car park areas as it's entirely made up of scallop shells brought back by the fishermen based at the port.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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