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Wn235 Carnville Ostek

Anti-aircraft, radar, and runways on hillside site

Wn235 site overview

What to see

There was a lot going on in this area during the Second World War with this site surrounded by huge gun batteries of La Judee, Hamburg, and Brulay.
High on the hill near Fermanville, Carneville Ostek was a huge anti-aircraft and radar site featuring dozens of gun emplacements and bunkers. To the south was a Luftwaffe station with two runways.
Many of the original emplacements are now buried in undergrowth or have disappeared completely and the main site has been taken over by a motocross club and their extensive track runs around some of the larger, remaining structures. This also makes it very difficult to access the site safely so it's best avoided.
On the gate post to the motocross site you can see German writing with the regimental numbering of those who were stationed here.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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