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Wn233 Batterie du Brulay

Huge Fire Control Post bunker with open emplacements

Wn233 site overview

What to see

Formerly a French Naval gun batterie constructed in the 1930s, this site at Fermanville on the coast to the east of Cherbourg was used by occupying German forces until 1944 when it was liberated.
The stand out building at this bunker site is a massive, four storey Fire Control Post. This huge structure sits in front of the position the Germans codenamed Seeadler (Sea Eagle). Also known as Batterie de Brulay, it featured four open emplacements for 19.4cm guns - a serious amount of firepower which could send shells over 25km out to sea!

Each emplacement has a mounting ring in its centre where the huge, shielded guns would have stood and been able to rotate through 360 degrees for pinpoint firing.
You can visit all four gun positions and their ammunition storage areas as well as the lower two levels of the FCP. Standing on the FCP's observation decks gives you a great view out to sea and east towards Cap Levi.

Beware that the area is used for horse grazing and they can be startled, especially as they are often found inside the open emplacements!


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