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Wn203 Pointe du Brick

Small bunker site with trenches, tunnels & more!

Wn203 site overview

What to see

This is one of our favourite bunker sites on the east Cherbourg coast as you can take a walk through the remaining concrete trenches which link this small resistance point.
Located on the north east coast of the Cotentin peninsula, this site has loads of interesting points including an R677 type casemate for a 5cm KwK anti-tank gun, personnel shelters and MG positions, and an observation post, all of which can be visited still today.
The road above the bunker used to be a railway line and it was here that large rail mounted guns would operate from.
Near the car park at the top of the bunker site there's an outcrop of rock and inside it a network of tunnels which many believe to have been the storage facility for the site and it's railway guns.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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