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Wn129a Pointe de la Loge

Headland site with views along the coast

Wn129a Pointe de la Loge site overview

What to see

This small headland located between the larger batteries of Hamburg, Brulay, and Judee and those of Neville Blankenese and Gatteville on the northeast Cotentin coast offers amazing views along the coast.
There isn’t much to see here apart from the Tobruk and small personnel shelter, both of which are located in a private garden. The latter is used as the foundations for a small summer house.
On the point de la Loge itself you can see an almost buried open emplacement which appears to have been created with a mix of concrete and given added protection with local stone to raise the sides. The 5cm KwK gun positioned here would have been able to cover a wide area of fire both east and west of the pointe.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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