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Wn119 and Wn119a Landemer

Small headland site with 88m gun support

Wn119 site overview

What to see

Located on a headland, this small Widerstandsnest packed a surprising amount of firepower to cover the beach areas around it and was supported from the rear by Wn119a which featured a single R677 casemate for an 88mm gun trained on the bay in front of its sister position.
Wn119 itself wasn’t shy of weaponry, and this could be found in a variety of builds including a Bf69 mortar Tobruk, three machine gun Tobruks, an open emplacement for a 5cm KwK anti-tank gun, and an unusual open emplacement for a field gun.
This emplacement features a series of ammunition niches in two long trailing arms of the concrete build, plus a circular platform where the gun would have stood. The front wall of the emplacement has a cut out niche for the gun to point through, leading us to believe the gun was primarily focused on a particular spot in the bay in front rather than being moveable over a wider arc.
The R677 casemate – located along the D355 road inland – stands in agricultural fields and is used as a storage building for farm equipment. Looking from the gun embrasure position, you have a commanding view over the bay it was built to defend.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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