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Wn116 Les Epagnes Dranguet

Tiny bunker site with huge gun casemate

Wn116 site overview

What to see

Wn116 Rochers du Dranguet, south of the port of Barfleur on the Cotentin Peninsula, wasn't an extensive site, but what it lacked in terms of numbers of constructions it made up for with the size of the R612 casemate positioned on the beach here.
It was designed for a 75mm field gun and covered the beach to the south. Originally in the headland, erosion has left this huge structure basking on the beach now.
After this bunker was captured by the allies it was used as a facility to store and destroy leftover ammunition, hence the amount of damage you can see when you go inside. You can also see lots of pieces of shrapnel amongst the rocks. Nearby, on private land, is a small personnel shelter.


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