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Wn113 Reville

Small resistance nest on the banks of the river Saire

Wn113 site overview

What to see

This small resistance nest is set back into a bay and stands on the shoreline to the south of the river Saire bridge looking out towards Jonville and Wn115 Pointe de Saire.
Mostly overtaken by agriculture there are still a few concrete builds here and they are easily accessed along the coastal path and cycleway which runs from Saint-Vaast-la-Hogue towards Reville.
Here you can find a Bf69 type Mortar Tobruk with openings for firing and observation, two Vf2a single group personnel shelters (one of which is buried and the other almost completely flooded), and an open emplacement for a 3.7cm PAK anti-tank gun.
On the edge of the berm there are two Tobruks – one which was designed for a captured French Renault 35 tank turret to be mounted and the second for a machine gun – plus supporting ammunition niches which are still in good condition despite being a little overgrown.
On the opposite side of the river was Wn114 which featured two Tobruks, small concrete shelters, and several barrack blocks which have long since disappeared.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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