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Stp234 Batterie Hamburg

Largest gun batterie in north east Cotentin area

Stp234 site overview

What to see

Batterie Hamburg was the largest of the gun batteries in this area of the Cotentin peninsula and featured a fearsome amount of firepower spread across four massive special construction open emplacements for 24cm Naval guns.
These gun emplacements - some of the largest built in France - were supported by over 50 other buildings including ammunition stores, personnel shelters, machine gun posts, and an observation position making this one of the most extensive complexes constructed.

Nearly all of the major constructions at Hamburg are now incorporated into gated farm fields or private properties - some of the housing stands next to the 1940's concrete giants - and so can only be accessed with prior permission.
A walk through the woods to the east of the main site will take you past a row of overgrown shelters and rear defensive positions and you'll also reach the Fermanville viaduct which you can walk across and look down into the deep valley below - not one for anybody with a fear of heights though!


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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