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Stp152 HKB Gatteville

Big gun casemates... now holiday homes

Stp152 site overview

What to see

The huge batterie at Gatteville on the north east coast of the Cotentin peninsula started as a series of open emplacements for guns captured as the occupying German forces swept across Europe.

In this case it was four captured French guns of 15.5cm calibre which were located here, although six emplacements were built and spread across the headland at this inland location in reach of the sea.
As the war progressed and bombing raids became more frequent, the plan was to protect these guns by building a series of casemates to house them inside.
Work began in early 1944 to build four R679 type casemates in close proximity to the open emplacements and this style of bunker gave the guns a 120 degree arc of coverage.

All six of the open emplacements remain as do the R679 casemates, although the latter have now had the addition of double-glazed windows where the embrasures once stood open as they are used as holiday homes.
If you take a walk through the middle of the batterie along the Rue de Roubary you'll see the path is lined with Eisenphahel - the eponymous spiked fence posts found surrounding most German bunker sites.
Walking from the front to the rear of the casemates takes you to the village of Gatteville where you can see a R502 group shelter and R607 ammunition storage bunker hidden away in gardens.


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