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Batterie Ostmark La Judee

Big gun batterie with four remaining casemates

La Judee site overview

What to see

The area around Fermanville to the east of Cherbourg featured three huge gun batteries - Brulay, Hamburg, and this site known as Batterie Ostmark La Judee.
Although now difficult to access without permission from landowners, the four R669 type casemates built here for the 105mm captured French guns are all still in existence, although the other supporting buildings have now either been removed or buried under the expanding village. Casemate one - the most northerly of the four - is hidden away on private land, but you can see casemates two, three, and four from the pathway which run from the centre of the village to the west.
The four gun casemates all faced to the west and with their 20km range provided fire support for the city and port of Cherbourg.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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