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Wn274 Equeurdreville - Hainneville Flak batterie

Heavy anti-aircraft gun batterie to the west of Cherbourg

Wn274 Flak batterie site overview

What to see

Part of the ‘ring of fire’ surrounding the strategic port of Cherbourg, Wn272 was a heavy anti-aircraft gun site on the hillside to the west of the city.
It featured four large, open emplacements for 88mm flak cannons, and an open observation post directed towards the centre of the port and breakwaters in the bay.
The four positions are difficult to find on the ground as they are part of farmland and are heavily overgrown with brambles, but you can still see edges of the concrete which formed the ammo niches and protective ring around the emplacements on two of the four gun pits.
The small observation post – on the footpath into the site – is largely overgrown too, however you can stand in the observer's position and see all the way across to the port to the east.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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