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Wn245 Fort des Capelains Batterie Brommy

Old French fort site with Kriegsmarine gun batterie

Wn245 Fort des Capelains Batterie Brommy site overview

What to see

Access to this site was restricted for many years following the war as it remained part of a French Navy military area. Today it has been left to grow over but there are several tracks through the site which will lead you to a series of constructions dating from the original fort to the 1940's German concrete bunkers with some more modern builds in there too.
The firepower for the site came from a line of guns positioned on brick and concrete open emplacements and supported by ammunition stores and buildings for the soldiers,
These were superseded with the construction of four large casemates of three different types - two of the M270 type, one M272 type and an early style M195, all supporting 15cm cannons.
At the west of the site's casemates is a R608 headquarters bunker while there's the remains of the Fire Control Post at the front of the batterie near the refuse recycling works at the bottom of the hillside in front of the complex. As with many of the other constructions at the site, this is nearly completely overgrown and inaccessible.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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