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Wn243 Le Lande St Gabriel

Observation post overlooking Cherbourg port

Wn243 Le Lande St Gabriel site overview

What to see

Wn234 Le Lande St Gabriel is based around an old French fort, but little remains of the original building on the site. The same can be said for the German additions, the only remaining build being a Vf Leitstand observation bunker.
Now closed off, you can still access the roof area and you can see why the site was chosen as it has a commanding view of the port of Cherbourg.

Located at an activity park for kids, the Leitstand was painted in early 2013 by a famous local artist and now sports a full covering to make it look like an American RV from the hit TV series 'Breaking Bad'. It's an unusual choice of subject, but the artwork itself is impressive if only for the angles and depths created on a flat sided concrete construction. In summer 2023 the artist returned and added a huge lion face to the building.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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