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Wn241 Fort de Digosville

Old French fort with German additions

Wn241 Fort de Digosville site overview

What to see

Like many of the German batterie sites along the north coast and around Cherbourg, Wn241 Fort de Digosville (or Fort des Roches as it is also called) was based upon the site of an early French defensive position.
This was originally the location of four 240mm guns in a row of open emplacements which covered the sea to the east of the city and port of Cherbourg.
The high stone walls of the fort remain and the site was built upon by the occupying forces with the addition of a single R612 casemate for a 75mm field gun, machine gun and anti-aircraft positions, and a Leitstand or Fire Control Post.
Access to the site is via permission and with a guide only as it is still controlled by the French Navy. There are open days through the year but these are rare.


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