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Wn227 Landemer le dur Ecu

Small bunker site with ammo store and personnel shelter

Wn227 site overview

What to see

A small Widerstandsnest on the beach and low cliffs between Landemer and Urville Nacqueville on the north Cotentin coast to the west of Cherbourg.
Here you can see two H667-type casemates for 5cm KwK anti-tank guns resting at odd angles on the beach, and these give you an understanding of how deep the foundations were on even relatively small casemates such as these.
They were originally on the cliffs behind but due to erosion over the past 70-plus years now stand on the beach itself.
Still remaining on the cliffs behind the H667s are two other concrete constructions - a R607 ammunitions storage bunker and a R622 twin group personnel shelter - both are in a crop field so can only be visited after harvest.
Parking for the site is at the end of the narrow Issue aux Moignes road to the beach but be aware it's tight so difficult to turn a car around!


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