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Wn223 Les Marais de Bas Urville Nacqueville

Beachfront bunker site with searchlight garage

Wn223 site overview

What to see

An interesting beachfront site which stands to the west of the naval port at Cherbourg and in front of the batterie Yorck site on the hillside a few hundred yards behind.

Widerstandsnest 223 is bisected by a coastal path which gives you easy access to the site and there's plenty of car parking to the east of the complex, near to the school.
It features two R667 casemates for 5cm KwK anti-tank guns - facing each other and slightly out to sea to create a crossfire 'kill zone' for any landing craft approaching.

A Tobruk next to the western R667 is also visible and this features a short section of covered concrete tunnel at its entrance - not something you see a lot of in this area.

Behind the beachfront are three very large bunkers which are totally covered by grass and almost invisible from the path, but a short walk into the field behind puts you at the entrances to them. The first is a large special construction garage with crew rooms and this was used to house a large searchlight - possibly 150cm size - which could be wheeled out and located on the flat section of ground to the west of the casemate as there doesn't appear to be a ramp which would have enabled it to be drawn to the top of the bunker.
The two other builds are joined and are a R501 single group shelter and a R134 ammunition store which are difficult to access due to the entrances being blocked up at one point in the past, although these walls have now been heavily damaged.
All three constructions are used by local graffiti artists and the paintwork on the outside changes often.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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