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Stp269 Equeurdreville

Heavy anti-aircraft gun position protecting Cherbourg port

Stp269 Equeurdreville site overview

What to see

Located to the west of the port at Cherbourg, Stp269 was a heavy anti-aircraft gun position featuring six L422 type open emplacements designed to protect the vital port area.
All six emplacements can still be seen, albeit some are covered over with grass, but you can see their profiles. One emplacement is now the foundations for a café and there are tables and chairs where the gun once stood while another features two picnic tables and benches for you to enjoy the view over the harbour area.
There was also a seventh emplacement for a smaller 2cm anti-aircraft gun but that is now completely overgrown. The large platforms which you can access all feature niches for ammunition.
Be careful when taking pictures in this area as the site stands at the entrance to the French Navy base at Cherbourg.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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