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Stp226 Nacqueville les Quais

Small beachfront complex now at the mercy of the sea

Stp226 site overview

What to see

There isn't much left to see at this small Widerstandsnest to the west of Cherbourg, and what does remain is either overgrown or subjected to the force of the sea on this narrow stretch of beach.
On the beach and low cliffs you can find a couple of Tobruks plus a R667 casemate for a 5cm KwK anti-tank gun and a ringstand which although looking similar to those used as gun positions features a larger plinth inside where a 60cm searchlight would have been located.
A scattering of concrete along the site also points to a number of ammunition niches being constructed here, but most are now little more than a beach defence to stop the tide washing away the cliffs.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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