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Stp221 ‘e’ Port de Querqueville

Small defensive site at port west of Cherbourg

Stp221 ‘e’ Port de Querqueville site overview

What to see

The small port and large fort area of Querqueville to the west of Cherbourg city centre was one of five small defensive strongpoints labelled Stp221 ‘a’ to e’’ which surrounded the old French fort established to protect the western side of the city.
Stp221 ‘e’ is located next to the small harbour area and the remaining structures here can be tricky to spot as they stand amongst the many small boats which are stored around the marina.
The easiest to find is the large personnel shelter on the right hand side of the road in near the fishing club hut. Next to it are two machine gun Tobruks but these can often be covered by upturned boats.
At the edge of the harbour wall are two more buildings, and small ammunition/personnel shelter and a Tobruk for a tank turret.
In late 1944, following the capture of the area, US forces created an advanced landing airfield site with two long, grass runways and a series of hangars, offices, and barracks inland of the fort on the headland. This land is not accessible as it is located where the restricted French Naval area now stands but you can still see parts of the old concrete perimeter road around the site. The fort area which featured four large open emplacements for naval guns is also off limits as it is in private industrial use.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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