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Stp209 Port de Flamands

Small port defended by bunkers

Stp209 site overview

What to see

Strongpoint 209 at Port de Flamands is an old port area to the east of Cherbourg which is slowly being swallowed up by the expansion of the city.
The main N13 road now cuts the site off from the coast but you can still visit the three remaining bunkers here.

The largest is a R612 type casemate - one of two originally constructed here - and the remaining one is unusual in that it faces directly out to sea while the second (now under the main road) adopted the normal position of facing along the coast to give fire eastwards and was protected by a large flanking wall. They both once housed 75mm assault guns.
The other constructions at Stp209 are a R134 ammunition storage bunker and a R501 single group personnel shelter which was adapted after the war by the French Navy with an addition structure on top for a radar system.

On your approach from the car park and children's play area you can also see two large concrete blocks next to the lock gates of the different basins and these would have supported a Belgian gate type roadblock element to protect the rear of the site.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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