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Stp208 Plage Collignon

Bunker site built around old French fort

Stp208 site overview

What to see

Strongpoint 208 Plage Collignon stands at the end of the eastern harbour wall which surrounds the port of Cherbourg and was built around an old French fort position.
Parts of the fort remain but are largely overgrown and it is the more modern concrete builds which are the most visible at the site. These include several Tobruks and a R501 single group personnel shelter which the addition of a searchlight position on its roof plus a second R501 with additional Tobruk on the seaward side. This once featured a captured French tank turret as its main armament.
A R502 double group personnel shelter attached to the old fort buildings is also in evidence here and it was supported by a Tobruk topped by a tank turret too.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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