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Flak Batterie Le Vacheux Fort les Monts

Heavy anti-aircraft gun site near Cherbourg

Flak Batterie Le Vacheux Fort les Monts site overview

What to see

Part of the ring of fire protecting Cherbourg, this high ground area near Sideville to the south west of the city was the location for three 88mm anti-aircraft guns positioned in open emplacements.
They stand at the Fort les Monts, an old hill fort for French artillery, where there’s now a riding school with a short section of roadway for riders to learn motorcycle skills.
One of the three emplacements can still be seen next to the roadway. The emplacement itself is in use by the riding school for refreshments and teaching.
You can access the site through the old fort gates where there’s also a French ammunition bunker visible through the undergrowth.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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