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Batterie Digosville

Four gun casemates surrounding football complex

Batterie Digosville site overview

What to see

A small inland batterie which was part of the 'ring of steel' surrounding the city of Cherbourg.
The four R699 casemates are a simple, single room design with two small ammunition niches inside and each housed a captured French field gun of 15.5cm calibre.
All four of the casemates remain today but are heavily overground and all but one are sealed up. They now stand around the edges of a sports park with casemate two actually behind the goal of one of the site's football pitches with casemate three nearing the halfway line.
All four casemates face to the north so were built to repel invaders heading south following a successful landing from the beaches to the east of Cherbourg - something which never happened of course.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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