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AR2/1709 batterie

Unfinished gun batterie south west of Cherbourg

AR2/1709 batterie site overview

What to see

An unfinished gun batterie on the south west outskirts of Cherbourg along the D118 Rue d-Ozouville from Amfreville, only two of the proposed four R669 casemates were built before Allied forces captured the area.
The site wasn’t given a Widerstandsnest (Wn) or Stutzpunkt (Stp) designation so is usually described as AR2/1709 after the German army unit which was based here.
The planned four casemates were all built to house Skoda-built 10cm field cannons which would cover the area behind the beaches to the west of Cherbourg around Urville-Nacqueville.
It’s believed that the foundations for the two unbuilt casemates were started but they are now buried under the same field the finished buildings stand in. Permission must be sought before entering the field as it is used by livestock.


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