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Operation Dynamo 1940 museum

Amazing museum packed with relics from Dunkirk evacuation and WW2

Location and info

Rue des Chantiers de France, Courtines du Bastion 32, 59140 Dunkirk

At the heart of the Dunkirk 1940 evacuation area located behind the beach and to the east of the port. Signposted on all major routes around Dunkirk. Plenty of parking outside the museum.

This museum offers the most comprehensive storytelling of Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of British and French servicemen in May and June 1940 from the beaches of Dunkirk.
It’s located in fortifications built in 1874 to reinforce France’s coastal defence. Bastion 32 would also serve as the headquarters for the French and Allied forces during the Battle of Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo.
Inside the old fort building’s 300 metres of galleries, you can discover a rich collection of amazing exhibits including weapons, uniforms, vehicles, maps, documents, and high-quality scale models.
Each room off the central walkway takes you through different stages of the war from the occupation of France to the liberation with the largest areas devoted to Operation Dynamo, the largest military evacuation in history which occurred on the beaches just a few yards away from the museum itself.
Around 340,000 soldiers - 130,000 French and 210,000 British - were evacuated to England from near this spot and the museum tells their stories but also those of the Dunkirk civilians, the German invaders, and the site’s Czech liberators in 1945.
Renovated and enlarged in 2017, and run by a friendly and knowledgeable team, there are well annotated exhibits of all sizes from small personal items to weapons, vehicles, and even a room of aircraft engines.
Some of the personal items have incredible stories behind them and puts you in the shoes of those who lived through the war. This is a must-visit museum for anyone interested in the history and objects of the Second World War.


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