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Musee Poste De Commandement Des Batteries De Crisbecq

Saint-Marcouf, Manche

Location and info

Musee Poste De Commandement Des Batteries De Crisbecq, 2 Bis RTE de Crisbecq, 50310 Saint-Marcouf

The Site is located 6 km from Sainte Mère Eglise, towards Utah Beach, at Saint-Marcouf.

This is the Command bunker and fire control post for the Crisbecq batterie at Saint Marcouf, near Utah Beach - one of the largest bunkers constructed in this part of Normandy.
It’s believed that it was from this viewpoint that the first Allied ships were spotted on the morning of D-Day and there’s a lot of history surrounding this site, it’s commander, and the Allied assault too.
This position was one of the most damaging batteries of D-Day and one of the last to be captured by the Allied forces.
Our good friend owns the bunker and has created an amazing museum inside with a lot of original and fascinating items from the era - guided tours are highly recommended.


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