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Musee D-Day Omaha


Location and info

Musee D-Day Omaha, Route de Grandcamp, 14710 Vierville-sur-Mer

Located on the D514 road at Vierville, just a few hundred metres behind Dog Green sector of Omaha Beach.

We love this absolutely packed out museum behind Omaha Beach. There's no space spared when it comes to the objects displayed inside and no matter how many times we visit we still see something at a new angle!
The building contains one of the largest personal collections of militaria in France from both German and Allied forces, including an incredibly impressive Enigma machine, helmets recovered form the sea, and a host of weapons, uniforms, and personal items.
Outside there are vehicles including a Sherman tank, US army bulldozer, 88mm flak gun, searchlights, landing craft, and 2cm German anti-aircraft gun plus two 130mm (5inch) French naval gun from the destroyer 'Chacal'.
This is one of the only places in France where you can peek inside an armoured cupola - a bell-shaped, steel turret which once featured as part of a large defensive bunker in the Cherbourg area.
With plenty of parking to the rear - next to original beach defence objects - and a superb cafe too, what's not to like? Friendly staff make this a must-visit too.


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