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Musee 39-45

Ambleteuse, Pas de Calais

Location and info

Musee 39-45, 2 rue des Garennes, 62164 Ambleteuse, Pas de Calais

Approximately 15 mins from Boulogne-sur-Mer heading towards Calais on the D940 road at Ambelteuse. You can’t miss it – there’s a Sherman next to the side of the road!

A wonderful, privately-owned museum with a lot to see inside and out. The museum features large, uncluttered displays of original items from all nations in glass cases displayed so you can actually see the detail of uniforms and equipment.
Displays are themed around different eras of the 1939-45 conflict from the early war years and include many of the personal items which you don't often see, plus an incredible medal collection.
Outside you can get up close to a Sherman, 105mm gun, German 88mm flak cannon, sea mine, and other interesting items.
You need to give yourself around two hours to see it all properly. Highly recommended.


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