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Musée du Debarquement


Location and info

Musée du Debarquement, Place du 6 Juin, 14117 Arromanches-les-Bains

On the seafront at Arromanches town centre, just head for the beach and you can't miss it!

This huge museum underwent a complete redevelopment and a massive expansion program during 2021 and 2022 and re-opened to the public on April 1, 2023.
We were invited to film inside the new building on opening week and found it a fantastic experience for all age groups and knowledge levels with a mix of unique exhibits, information panels with great depth of knowledge, and some of the best interactive displays in any Normandy museum.

Where some museums focus solely on the landing beach area where they're based, the Musée du Debarquement at Arromanches gives insight into all five beaches. Of course the most detail is given to the landings on nearby Gold Beach and the creation of the Mulberry 'B' Harbour, the remaining sections of which can be seen from the windows of the museum.

The journey starts with an insightful introduction movie and takes you through many different rooms packed with exhibits with the aid of an audio tour headset issued when you buy your tickets at the front desk. While this does make the museum strangely quiet at time, the information on the audio guide is excellent and definitely a strong addition to the visitor experience.
As you journey through the galleries you're stopped by the huge models of the Mulberry harbour and are able to spend time absorbing the information about each of the many sections which went into their build, helping you piece together the different functions and construction.

The final section of the tour takes you to a huge interactive map in a room overlooking the beach where the story of the landings and subsequent liberation of Normandy but also the importance of the Mulberry harbours is shown in great detail - it's not only a great showpiece but informative too.

This is a museum you can visit regularly and still feel you've learned something new - congratulations to all involved in its creation.


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