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Memorial Pegasus


Location and info

Memorial Pegasus, 1 Avenue Major John Howard, 14860 Ranville

Signposted off the D515 road from both Ouistreham in the north and Caen in the south, just head for Benouville and Ranville area.

Located next to the modern bridges over the Caen Canal and Orne river - both targets for the British on D-Day - the Memorial Pegasus museum tells the incredible stories of Major John Howard and the men from the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry who landed by glider to capture the bridge just after midnight on June 6, 1944.
Inside are uniforms, weapons and thousands of objects relating to this moment in history. Outside you can walk along the original Caen Canal bridge - called Pegasus in tribute to the airborne forces' sleeve badge - which was replaced by the new bridge in 1994, an incredible 50 years after that famous day.
The original bridge stil lbears the battle scar from the assault and in front of it stands memorial to the British soldiers who landed here.
A walk around the grounds also gives you access to a Centaur tank MK IV tank, vehicles, field guns, a full-sized replica Horsa glider and a surviving section of an original Horsa, the type used for the D-Day assault.


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