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Le Grand Bunker Museum of the Atlantikwall

Ouistreham, Calvados

Location and info

Le Grand Bunker Museum of the Atlantikwall, 6 June Avenue, 14150 Ouistreham

Signposted from the D514 road and Ouistreham town centre, Le Grand Bunker is near to the beach and easily spotted on the Avenue June 6.

Situated in the heart of the port town of Ouistreham, this is one of the last remaining vestiges of several huge bunker complexes which were built to defend the port.
Le Grand Bunker is exactly that - very grand! This five-storey building was a observation post of the gun bunkers of the area and has a commanding view of the seas, especially from the top floor where you can look through a WW2 German rangefinder for in-coming vessels. each floor is packed with authentic items from the occupation and stories of life inside and outside the bunker.
Outside you can find several vehicles including a landing craft used during the filming of Saving Private Ryan, a self-propelled gun, and more. Parking can be found on the nearby residential streets or further back into the town.


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