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Juno Beach Centre

Courseulles-Sur-Mer, Calvados

Location and info

Juno Beach Centre, 5000 Chemin de Graye au Port, 14470 Courseulles-Sur-Mer

To the west of the port town of Courseulles-sur-Mer, the Juno Beach Centre is signposted from the main roads. Plenty of parking on site.

At the heart of the Juno Beach D-Day landing area, the Juno Beach Centre is built upon two WW2 German bunker strongpoints and tells the story of not only how the Canadian forces who landed here captured the site, but also the history of Canada's sacrifice during the liberation of Europe with incredible stories, objects, and images. The museum take you on an easy to follow journey through from pre-war Canada to their invaluable contribution to the liberation of Europe through land, air, and sea operations.
The displays are laid out well so you can see the exhibits and each is backed by accurate, and informative text panels too.
Previously unseen footage is blended with modern views over Juno Beach in a must-see video in the Museum's cinema as you complete your walk through the museum.

The Centre - which celebrated its 20th anniversary in June 2023 - also offers friendly and highly informative guided tours in English and French and these are a must if you want to be able to explore the ultra-rare R666 observation bunker and the Kommandostand personnel and ammunition storage bunker on site.
These two bunkers are early builds and give you an excellent comparison to the later constructions along the Atlantikwall in Normandy.
One of the must-visit museums relating to D-Day and beyond in Normandy and a place you can visit often and still gain fresh insight and knowledge each time - there's so much to see and read!


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