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Crisbecq Batterie

Saint-Marcouf, Manche

Location and info

Crisbecq Batterie, 1 Route des Manoirs, 50310 Saint-Marcouf

Near to the crossroads of the D14 and D69 road leading from Utah Beach. Signposted from all major routes. Plenty of car parking.

The largest collection of gun bunkers, shelters, and open emplacements behind Utah Beach in Normandy. This open air museum also takes you through several underground positions which feature depictions of life inside the batterie during WW2.
The Crisbecq batterie was one of the toughest sites for the allies to crack following the D-Day landings. That's not surprising when you see the size of the gun casemates and defensive positions at the complex.
The two largest casemates at Crisbecq are R683 types which were built around 210mm guns capable of reaching ships over 30km out to sea. There were two more of these casemates still under construction in 1944 which would have made this batterie even more fearsome. Overall, the site boasts over 40 different structures you can visit with many offering multi-lingual information boards on the type of building, its use, and lots of historic images to put this amazing site into context.


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