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Batterie Todt Museum

Audinghen, Pas de Calais

Location and info

Batterie Todt Museum, Route du Musee, 62179 Audinghen, Pas de Calais

The museum is just off the D940 coast road near Audinghen, less than 30km from Calais and 20km from Boulogne-sur-Mer. A large car park was opened in late 2022.

It's hard to miss this amazing museum - it's sited inside one of the largest gun bunkers ever built in Northern France... and there's a massive WW2 railway gun outside!
The friendly, family run museum is one of the must-visit locations for anyone interested in WW2 and its history.
The German K5 railway gun positioned next to the museum is one of only two remaining in the world (the other K5 is located in the US) and is worth the entry fee alone. You can access the gun via a set of steps and look along the barrel which is over 25metres long and could fire shells weighing over 240kg (530lb) over 60km (nearly 40 miles!).
Inside the gun bunker you're taken on a journey from the building of the 'Turm' itself and what life was like in the area during the 1940s. IN the main gun room you’ll find artillery and anti aircraft guns, vehicles, uniforms, personal weapons, uniforms, and so much more. All the items are the personal collection of the Davies family who established the museum and is one of the largest WW2 collections in Europe.


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