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US 90th Infantry Division Monument

La Madeleine, Utah Beach

Location and info

US 90th Infantry Division Monument, 2 Utah Beach, 50480 Sainte-Marie-du-Mont

Located outside the Utah Beach Landing Museum. Plenty of car parking nearby.

The 'Tough Ombres'.

Activated as a division during the First World War, the US 90th Infantry Division were also known as the Texas-Oklahoma Division and their insignia patch is a combined 'T' and an 'O' letters.

One of the most distinguished units of WW2, the first elements landed at this location on Utah Beach on June 6, 1944 and we involved in the heavy fighting to secure the bridges over the Merderet and Douvres rivers and Hill 112, suffering around 5,000 killed, wounded, or captured - one of the highest casualty rates suffered by any division during WW2.
The 90th made their way through northern France to the Ardennes, and into Germany where they liberated the Flossenburg Concentration Camp.


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