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Angoville Airborne Medics Memorial

Angoville-au-Plain church

Location and info

Angoville-au-Plain church, 5 Rue de l'Église, 50480 Carentan les Marais, France

Situated off the D913 road between Saint-Come-du-Mont and Sainte-Marie-du Mont in the village of Angoville-au-Plain. Park in front of the church.

"Angels of Mercy"

Inside the church at Angoville-au-Plain near Utah Beach in Normandy you can discover an amazing story of bravery and humanity.
This was the location of an emergency first aid post set up by two US paratroopers Robert Wright and Kenneth Moore and in the three days following D-Day saw them treat 75 soldiers from both sides of the conflict while battles raged all around them - their only rule was that no weapons were allowed inside.
Today you can still see blood stains on the original pews while a series of stained glass windows pay tribute to the two men and the liberating forces which freed the area from occupation.


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