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Allan Beckett Mulberry Harbour Monument


Location and info

Allan Beckett Mulberry Harbour Roadway Monument, 3 Cale Marechal Montgomery, 14117 Arromanches-les-Bains.

Located in the town centre near the slipway to the beach at the Musee du Dubarquement. Parking in the town.

"His engineering skill made the Mulberry Harbour project a success."

In 1942 Winston Churchill raised the problem of anchoring the piers of the future artificial harbour at Arromanches.
"The anchor problem must be mastered..." Major Allan Beckett solved the problem by designing floating roadways, their piers, and the 'kite' anchors which enabled the harbour to survive the storm of 13 to 18 June 1944 and to become the key to victory in Normandy.
This area in Arromanches - overlooking the remains of the Mulberry harbour on the beach - honours Allan Beckett's memory. His engineering skill made the Mulberry Harbour project a success.


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