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Wn27 Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer

Original anti-tank gun in beach casemate

Wn27 site overview

What to see

Wn27 is a Widerstandsnest at the eastern end of the Juno Beach D-Day landing area on the beach front of the town of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer.

Little remains of the strongpoint built here, but what does is well worth a visit - a type 1694 Ringstand with the original 5cm KwK L60 anti tank gun still inside.

This ringstand benefits from the addition of a concrete roof to protect the gun inside from air attack.
Protected from troops and vehicles landing on the beach by a thick concrete wall, this gun could swivel through 180 degrees to fire along the beach in both directions, as well as inland too, covering the main roads around the beach area in the town.

The bunker was attacked from inland by Canadian forces and shows damage from being hit by 75mm rounds from Sherman tanks which made their way through the area on D-Day.


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