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Stp Douvres II Distelfink radar station

Long-range radar station with anti-aircraft positions

Stp Douvres II site overview

What to see

Situated to the north west of Stp Douvres Distelfink I radar complex, this was a smaller radar site featuring a large bunker for a Wasserman 'S' radar plus three anti-aircraft positions for defence.

The largest structure built here is a L480 bunker, a multi room, single storey building which supported a 200ft early-warning Wassermann S radar - a cylindrical chimney-like radar which consisted of up to eight Freya radars stacked around a column.
This design extended the range of detection from around 125 miles for a Freya to 190 miles/300km.
The column could also be rotated through 360 degrees for full coverage of the skies and were able to give detect the distance and height of enemy aircraft.

Surrounding the main structure were three anti-aircraft gun positions - two L409A types and a larger, two storey L410A bunker, each supporting 2cm Flak guns.


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