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Wn88 Gefosse Le Casino

Widerstandsnest overlooking Baie des Veys and Utah Beach

Wn88 site overview

What to see

On a clear and sunny day you can see the Utah Beach Museum and beach from this location on the opposite shoreline of the Baie des Veys.

Situated near to a seafood farm, Wn88 Gefosse features one large casemate - a R667 type which was built to protect a 5cm KwK gun - one of the most frequent guns found in German strongpoints.

This casemate - like many others on the Atlantikwall - was used to store and destroy left-behind German ammunition which would be placed inside the main gun room and detonated. While not completely destroyed, the casemate now offered a fascinating insight in to the power of an internal explosion inside the thick concrete build.

The R667 casemate was positioned to fire north along the shoreline here and was protected from being spotted and targeted from the bay by a flanking wall which masked the flash form the gun's barrel.

To the south of the R667 you can find the roof and flanking wall of a Vf4a machine gun casemate - this was set up with its embrasure positioned so the MG inside could cover the shore to the south, creating a area of crossfire with the guns located at nearby Widerstandsnest 90.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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