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Wn87 Maisy

Observation post for Maisy Batterie sites

Wn87 site overview

What to see

Located at the point of the headland to the West of Grandcamp-Maisy, this small site is largely overgrown now, but you can still find a few of the original concrete constructions here.

There are two Vf2a type, single room shelters, both with small ammunition niches, set back from the shoreline which would have provided a safe space for the soldiers located here. To the east of the personnel shelters is a Vf6a type bunker - a lightly-built, single room structure which was designed to be an open-fronted observation post.

With the two Maisy batteries situated just a few kilometres inland of Wn87, it was make sense that this site would have provided information back to the command centre at Maisy on any air or sea based threats entering the area of the Baie des Veys.
Today the sea wall prevents any views from the observation post over the sea.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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