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Wn83 Maisy Batterie

Big gun batterie hidden for nearly 60 years

Wn83 site overview

What to see

Buried out of sight for nearly 60 years following its capture by US Rangers in June 1944, the extensive Maisy Batterie just 2km to the west of Omaha Beach is like stepping back in time.

No one really knows why but Maisy - also known as Widerstandsnest 83 Les Perruques - was a top secret location during the war and even the locals didn’t know what was being constructed here. Soon after its capture the whole site became completely buried by vegetation and forgotten.

The site was rediscovered by a chance find of a hand-drawn map hidden away in the pocket of an old US soldier’s uniform by English historian Gary Sterne who subsequently bought the land and began excavations in 2004.
What he found was simply incredible! The site you can see today contains over 2km of trenches, personnel shelters, ammunition stores, a water well, hospital bunker, and huge, open gun emplacements which could reach both Omaha and Utah beach landing areas with its four 155mm guns.

The Maisy Batterie is actually made up of three strongpoints in close proximity with the nearby Wn84 boasting three R612 type casemates for 10cm Skoda howitzer guns plus a personnel building, ammo bunker, and defensive Tobruks.

The Maisy site is in a no fly zone but we were able to arrange permission to fly our drone over the top to bring you some amazing views.

If you’re in Normandy then this site is a must visit. More info at


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