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Wn82 Maisy Le Casino

Beach position with commanding views

Wn82 site overview

What to see

A small Widerstandsnest with a commanding view over the Baie des Veys to the west and the port of Grandcamp Maisy to the east.

The largest casemate here is one which played to the strengths of the location - a Doppelschartenstand - which allowed the 5cm KwK gun positioned on a pedestal inside to fire in both directions along the shoreline, while still being protected from a frontal attack. Behind it, and now collapsed like the casemate is a Tobruk which would have acted as a lookout post and defensive MG position.

On the headland is a Bf69 type Mortar Tobruk which would have been able to fire onto the beach in front of the casemate, plus three canteen/kitchen shelters. These are now partially buried and full of rubbish so not easy to enter.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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