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Wn39 St-Come-de-Fresne

Flank protection for Arromanches and Asnelles

Wn39 site overview

What to see

Wn39 covered the sandy beach area between the town of Arromanches and nearby Asnelles which were landing sectors for British troops on D-Day.
The site is split over three tiers. The top level features a Vf2d - a two room, shrapnel-proof, personnel shelter for the troops manning the casemates at this site.
Below this is a R612 casemate for an assault gun, facing east, and while not accessible inside you can see that from the outside it has taken a lot of high explosive rounds to the front as Allied armour moved inland from the east.
The smaller R677 casemate stands on the lower level of the site - still high up on the cliffs from the beach - and can be found surrounded by holiday housing at the end of the Alles des Blockhaus. Again facing to the east, this casemate housed an 88mm Pak 43/41 cannon.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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