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Wn37 Asnelles

Beachfront gun casemate which took on British forces

Wn37 site overview

What to see

This beautiful village on the Normandy coast to the east of Arromanches-les-Bains was at the thick of the action on D-Day as British troops landed on the wide sandy beach to the east of the position.

The largest construction here is a R677 casemate which housed a 88mm Pak 43/41 gun and was reported as destroying as many as six armoured vehicles landing on the beach.

Wn37 also features two remaining Bf58c Tobruks for machine guns and there were more gun casemates under construction here, halted by the Allied landings. The eastern side of the Mulberry Harbour caisons can be observed from the seafront here still.

Asnelles was once a site of several Preventoriums - seaside homes for children recovering from Tuberculosis - and the French constructed two large air-raid shelters near to the homes. Both can still be seen in the gardens of some of the larger houses in the area near the beach front.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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